Safety is an integral part of Consumer Electrical Services' (CES) daily operation. It is the belief of CES that Safety Training, maintaining our drug free workplace status, and Job Education is a prime function in order for the Employee to perform their work in the safest manner possible.

Our Safety and Health Program has two major objectives that are outlined in our Safety and Health manual. First and foremost is the training of employees to allow a safe working environment in any situation. This training shall include, but is not limited to, the ability to perform their functions safely and to identify, prevent and report safety violations and/or conditions. The second function is to ensure that all work tasks are performed with the safety and health of the employees in mind.

CES believes that the success of a project rests on the safe completion of the project. There is no condition or project more important than the safety and health of the employees and other personnel affected.

CES management performs and records weekly tool box meetings on a broad range of topics. Attendance is mandatory and each employee signs a form in recognition of the meeting topics discussed.

Because of our safety policies and procedures, we have the benefit of a low workman compensation modification factor and receive safety and drug free workplace credits.

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